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Triple K Industries Add on Underlifts

Add the True Tilt to your Tow Truck or 5th Wheel!

The best tow truck underlift from Triple K Industries Underlift, the True Tilt Quick Tach Heavy Duty Tow Truck Under Lift, sports a 45k lb weight rating when fully retracted, and a 24k lb weight rating when fully extended, thus giving you maximum flexibility and versatility while also providing maximum weight bearing ability. The sturdy equipment is made with 100k lb steel in the boom as well as in the tongue, which is crafted from a single piece and rotates freely. Our best tow truck underlift also attaches easily to a fifth wheel or gooseneck attachment on a tow truck, which means that you can easily add this incredible towing power to your tow truck fleet without needing to buy a new truck or modify an existing one. Call Triple K Industries Underlift today for a quote on the best tow truck underlift in the industry!

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