Wet Kit Requirements - Triple K Industries

Wet Kit Requirements



1. Pump on truck must be at least 2500 lbs. pressure

2.  Pump on truck needs to be at least 8 gal per minute IF the owner is going to run the True Tilt 5th Wheel Quick-Tach ONLY!  Our valve system will handle from 4 to 30 gal per minute.  It has a flow control in the manifold block to adjust the flow to any comfortable speed.

3. Pump on Truck must be at least 20 gal per minute if the owner is going to incorporate a winch in the system.  The oil reservoir should be at least 12 – 15 gallons capacity for a winch / lift combination.  The reservoir is used as a cooling tank when running the winch.

4. If the unit is going to be detached and have quick-disconnects on the hoses, the system on the truck needs to have a pressure relief valve incorporated in that system.  This valve is necessary in case the pump is put into gear with the hoses disconnected and will prevent a “blown” pump in that instance.  It will also protect the pump.  This pressure relief valve must be set 3000 psi. which is higher than the True Tilt system.  The True Tilt system has its own relief valve set at 2500 to 3000 psi.

5. Wet kit pump systems are prone to contamination.  We recommend use of a filter on the supply side to the valve manifold.  We offer filters for sale if you do not presently have a filter on our wet kit.  We also strongly recommend new filter cartridges and new hydraulic fluid.  This can prevent contamination of your new True Tilt.  Contamination can render the unit inoperable.