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True Tilt Underlift Technical Specifications


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This unit is a "True Tilt" Design. It tilts entirely on the hinge pin so you do not get any backwards movement when tilting. It also incorporates an independent vertical lift. Each can be used separately through the full range of movement. Boom will advance 10 degrees below horizontal ANYWHERE in the vertical range.


2 lift cylinders lift load vertically 27” total. Large 6” rollers make for smooth, effortless vertical movement: no binding even under full load.

10” tilt cylinder tilt full rated load from 10 degrees below 20 degrees above horizontal. 30 degrees full power tilt. Smaller cylinder raises boom to stow position in just a few seconds.

Park Stands

The 5th wheel Quick Tach can be parked or loaded in just a matter of minutes.

  • Remove the “Hold Down Links”
  • Install a Jack Stand on each side.
  • Pick back end up off the frame of truck by lowering folded boom.
  • Unhook kingpin and electric cable
  • Drive away

Parking stand collapses into two parts (Per Side) for easy storage. Take Along Anywhere.

Spring Steel Bushings

12 spring steel bushings in the main tilt mechanism and pivot pin area give long wear to these areas. All are greasable, giving long life and can be replaced when worn. All the pins, spring steel bushings, rollers and roller pins can be replaced when worn to bring unit back to new tolerances.

Wearpads and Pivot Pin

  • Nylon wear pads are placed in milled slots (Patent Pending) giving tighter tolerances between boom sections gives you a lower total boom height.
  • Huge 3” diameter pivot pen with three individual spring steel bushings for longer wear and replacement capabilities.
  • Extra Forks available: Low Profile 10” Extended and HD Wheel Forks