Add on Towing Underlift, The True Tilt Add on Towing Underlift

Add on Towing Underlift

The True Tilt Add on Towing Underlift Attachment will WOW you!

If you own, run, work at, or are considering starting a tow truck company, you know the extreme importance of getting good quality towing equipment. The success or failure of your business depends on your ability to lift and tow vehicles and equipment when and where they are needed, without having to worry about your machinery breaking down or being unable to perform its required function.

Find a Towing Underlift that will set you apart!

If you are looking for equipment that will let you tow virtually anything with no problem at all, you have come to the right place at Triple K Industries Underlift. Our add on towing underlift allows you to lift and tow even the heaviest equipment, such as fire trucks or other large trucks, as well as any large size trucks and vehicles.

What Towing Underlift should you choose?

At Triple K Industries Underlift, our signature model, the True Tilt Quick Tach Heavy Duty Tow Truck Under Lift, has served countless tow truck owners well, providing a durable, sturdy, and reliable towing underlift so that they can take towing jobs with confidence that they will be able to move the vehicles they need to move. Our True Tilt towing underlift comes with our Triple K Industries lifetime guarantee, as do all our models of towing underlift and other towing equipment we offer. With boom sections made out of 100k lb steel and a maximum lift rating of 45k lbs (fully retracted), you can be certain that our towing underlift will be sturdy and reliable for a lifetime.

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