Towing Attachment - Triple K Industries

Heavy Duty 5th wheel Add on Attachments for Towing

Triple K Industries has the add-on towing solution to fit your needs. Choose from the 5th Wheel Quick-Tach add-on, medium and heavy duty Truck Lifts and our NEW True Lift. The Quick-Tach Add on Towing Attachment From Triple K Industries Provides some amazing features Including; Instant Under-Reach System and also the fact that you can snap it on or off in 5 minutes.

Are you looking for the Best Tow Truck Underlift?

If you are looking for the best tow truck underlift in the industry, you have come to the right place at Triple K Industries Underlift! Our featured best tow truck underlift, the True Tilt Quick Tach Heavy Duty Tow Truck Under Lift, sports an industry-leading level of sturdiness and durability, has an incredibly high weight rating, and is able to lift even the heaviest vehicles and equipment. You will certainly not regret this addition to your tow truck fleet, choosing the best tow truck underlift for the work that you have to do.

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