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A 5th wheel Truck Underlift is a true life saver!

5th wheel Truck Underlift

At Triple K Industries Underlift, we understand the importance of excellent quality in your towing equipment. Our 5th wheel truck underlift allows you to lift and tow even the heaviest equipment and machinery, all with the convenience of an attachment that you affix to a 5th wheel or gooseneck attachment on your existing tow truck.

This 5th Wheel Underlift has it all!

With durability features such as 100k lb steel in the boom and in the single piece rotating tongue, you can be assured that the Triple K Industries 5th wheel truck underlift is of the best quality and the highest level of durability around. In addition, with a weight rating of 45k lbs when fully retracted and 24k lbs when fully extended, you can be certain that the Triple K Industries 5th wheel truck underlift can handle any job you give it, no matter how tough or heavy. At Triple K Industries Underlift, we know that you work hard to tow cars and trucks, and to help your clients out. We make sure that your equipment works hard for you too. If you are looking for a 5th wheel truck underlift that will be reliable and sturdy and will not let you down, Triple K Industries Underlift has what you are looking for!

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