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5th Wheel Truck Add on Underlift

5th wheel Underlifts are important for any towing company

A 5th wheel towing underlift is defined by characteristics such as how easy it is to install and add to your fleet, and how it attaches to your current tow equipment and trucks.

The True Tilt Quick Tach 5th Wheel Attachment is “Quick”

We take care to make our tow truck underlift at Triple K Industries Underlift as convenient and easy to use as possible, which is why we attach our underlift to trucks using a 5th wheel towing underlift system. You will be getting a reliable and sturdy 5th wheel towing underlift with the True Tilt Quick Tach Heavy Duty Tow Truck Under Lift, which will not let you down, will never break or damage your client’s vehicles, and will not fail during a tow job. The 5th wheel towing underlift from Triple K Industries Underlift can handle difficult jobs with ease, even if you have to haul very heavy equipment, such as a fire truck. When fully retracted, the Triple K Industries 5th Wheel Towing Underlift has a weight rating of 45k lbs, which means that even the heaviest jobs are easy for it to handle. The weight rating when fully extended is 24k lbs, which adds ease of use and versatility to the 5th wheel towing underlift system.

The Triple K Industries 5th Wheel Underlift is incredibly strong!

In addition, it is mounted on 6 inch diameter rollers, and the boom sections are made out of 100k lb steel, which means that the Triple K Industries 5th Wheel Towing Underlift is incredibly strong and sturdy. With the Triple K 5th Wheel Towing Underlift, you can rely on your equipment to be there for you when you need it.

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