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 Heavy Duty Add on Underlift Attachments

Find the Heavy Duty Underlift Attachment that fits your needs!

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About Our Underlift & Tow Truck Attachment

We at Triple K Industries have been striving to bring you the best and most durable products for the past 21 years. We were the First to come out with the 5th Wheel Quick-Tach. We now have designed a completely new Heavy Duty Truck Lift and named it the “TRUE TILT” obviously because of its tilting capabilities.  You will see by examining the literature on this piece of equipment that we have the best under reach available. We have the most features that have ever been put into an under-reach unit. We at Triple K Industries will continue to give you the best service available. You know when you call here that you will get a person who “knows his business”. About Us

Towing for Tow Trucks and 5th Wheel Trucks

When choosing towing systems for trucks, there are several different options, ranging from the less expensive models that are intended for lighter work, to super heavy duty systems that can lift and tow even the heaviest equipment. At Triple K Industries Underlift, we offer a Towing Underlift system that has the capability of towing heavy machines such as fire trucks, as well as all other large size trucks and vehicles.

What is a Tow Truck Underlift?

The Triple K Industries Towing Underlift attaches to any fifth-wheel attachment, making it a convenient addition to your towing systems for trucks or tow truck. Our Towing Underlift attachment has a lift rating of 45k lbs when it is in the fully retracted position, and when fully extended, it has a lift rating of 24k lbs, making it versatile and capable of lifting and towing even the heaviest machines. For stability and long-wearing sturdiness, the boom sections are made of 100k lb steel, and the Triple K Industries Towing Underlift features 16 Nylon Wear Pads which are recessed into milled pockets in the top and bottom of the boom sections.
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The Triple K Industries Towing Underlift Towing System for trucks is also mounted on rollers with a diameter of 6 inches, providing strength, stability, and durability. If you are looking for the best in towing systems for trucks, you have come to the right place at Triple K Industries Underlift!

Top Rated Towing Attachment & Underlift

True Tilt Underlift Attachment
This unit is a “True Tilt” design. It tilts entirely on the hinge pin so you do not get any backward movement when tilting. It also incorporates an independent vertical lift. True Tilt Underlift is the only 5th wheel wrecker with negative tilt


FOR SALE 2016 Western Star with Fassi Crane and K lift $290,000

Call 800-624-2892 or 605-543-5588 for details

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